Quartermaster Sprint 4.3 Development Report: Documentation, documentation, documentation

The QMSTR sprints 4.2 and 4.3 (this report covers both) are part of our current efforts to merge the ongoing QMSTR development and the FASTEN project. A key necessity for this was documentation. Everybody loves to write documentation, especially developers. Right? :-) To make it even more fun, we work on integrating end user and administrator documentation with the project source code and perform automated integration test automatically. We hope that this approach leads to documentation that works and is reliable. Even though this effort is still ongoing, some results are already visible. One of them is the project documentation on the main web site. Some feature development primarily on the node management command line interface is also in progress. It should be finished in time for the QMSTR 0.4 release, planned for April 17.

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Quartermaster Sprint 4.1 Development Report: Go, Java and Python integration libraries

The key goal of QMSTR milestone 4 is to stabilize the APIs and streamline the documentation and tutorials to prepare the integration with the development work that takes part in the FASTEN project and in ACT. To prepare for that, sprint 4.1 focused on refactoring the integration libraries for Go, Java and Python that developers use to create QMSTR modules and client side tools. These libraries help users to create diverse sets of modules and client side code to fit their needs, and facilitate the integration with various services like CI/CD environments.

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