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QMSTR creates an integrated Open Source toolchain that implements industry best practises of license compliance management.

The QMSTR Validator

The QMSTR Validator is a command line program that validates the documentation for a package or a distribution. It verifies the content of packages against the compliance documentation and answers three questions:

  • Does the documentation match the package? The documentation matches the package if the checksums for the files contained in the package match the information in the documentation. This check will fail, for example, if a binary has been changed or rebuilt after the documentation was created so that the checksums do not match.
  • Does the package only contain files that are documented? This test will fail if there are files in the package that are not described in the documentation.
  • Is the documentation complete? The documentation is complete if it describes all files in the package and contains all required information about these files. This check will fail, for example, if license or authorship information is missing even though the file is listed in the documentation.

To validate a package, the QMSTR Validator must have been implemented to support that package format. For each format, a standard or a best practice needs to exist that describes how the package compliance documentation and the package payload content are shipped together. Initially, the validator supports the Debian file format as a starting point.

Invoking the QMSTR Validator

The QMSTR Validator is invoked on a package and the corresponding manifest file:

> qmstr validate curl-a.b.c.deb curl-a.b.c.deb.spdx
Verifying package content against manifest curl-a.b.c.deb.spdx...
* documentation matches the package content
* all files in the package are documented
* documentation is complete
Package validation passed.

In case of a validation error, the return code of the validator depends on which of the checks failed (1, 2 or 3). If the validation succeeds the return code is zero.

Depending on the file format, the manifest file may be included in the package. Support for that may be added to the validator.

Verifying distributions

In the QMSTR context, a distribution is a set of packages that is shipped together as a unit. The validator can be used to evaluate distributions. The validation succeeds if the validation for each package contained in the distribution succeeds.

TODO How this can be done has to be developed and depends on how distributions are represented.

Development plan

The first working version of the QMSTR Validator will be implemented against the Debian package file format and plain tar files.


The QMSTR Validator runs stand-alone and does not require a QMSTR master to be available.

Last updated on 11 Apr 2019