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QMSTR creates an integrated Open Source toolchain that implements industry best practises of license compliance management.

qmstrctl start

qmstrctl start

Start the QMSTR master


Start the QMSTR master at a random port in the range between 6787 and 7811.

qmstrctl start [flags]


  -c, --config string   Path to qmstr configuration file (default "qmstr.yaml")
  -h, --help            help for start
      --image string    provide a custom docker image to run QMSTR master
      --seed string     Replay dgraph export on init
  -t, --timeout int     timeout after the specified time (seconds). Used after the wait flag (default 60)
      --wait            wait for QMSTR master to be ready

Options inherited from parent commands

      --cserv string   connect to control service
      --verbose        enable diagnostics


  • qmstrctl - qmstrctl controls and manages the QMSTR master
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