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QMSTR creates an integrated Open Source toolchain that implements industry best practises of license compliance management.

Describe command

Describe command prints a description of the referenced node and traverses the tree to print a description of the nodes connected to it.

Describe, can be very useful not only for developers (for debugging purposes) but also for user as they can review the nodes, the attributes and the connection between the nodes that are stored in the database.

The command follows the generic syntax of the database commands to reference nodes:

qmstrctl describe <type_of_node:attribute:value> 

For example:

> qmstrctl describe file:name:debug.o

> qmstrctl describe file:name:debug.o --less

the –less flag, will traverse the tree and will ignore the information that has been collected from the analyzers (info nodes and data nodes). If –less flag is not provided then the describe command will print out all the nodes in the database connected to our node.

Last updated on 1 Jan 0001