Quartermaster - Documentation

QMSTR creates an integrated Open Source toolchain that implements industry best practises of license compliance management.

Getting started

There are usually three groups of users interested in working with Quartermaster: open source officers, continuous integration operators, and software developers. Open source officers use documentation produced by Quartermaster to manage compliance of software products. Continuous integration (CI) operators set up software builds that are instrumented with Quartermaster to produce compliance documentation when software packages are created. Software developers integrate Quartermaster into their development setup to monitor compliance and reproduce test results. This tutorial will begin to explain the basics and building blocks of Quartermaster from the perspective of a software developer. The CI operator and open source office perspective will be covered in later articles.


To execute Quartermaster as part of a software build, the client side tools and the master container image need to be available on the system. Follow the installation instructions to get those installed.

Verify that the client side tools are available by querying the version of the qmstrctl tool:

> qmstrctl version
This is qmstrctl version 0.4

To check that the master image exists, run

> docker images | grep qmstr/master

For the remainder of this tutorial, Git, internet access and the basic development tools to build a C library on Linux will be required.


In the next pages you will be guided to build different projects with Quartermaster.

Before even trying to get started with Quartermaster, make sure that the project that is going to be analyzed (we call it the project under analysis) builds properly in your environment. Otherwise it may be difficult later to separate issues with running Quartermaster from regular build errors. We generally recommend to first make sure the project under analysis builds and then add Quartermaster instrumentation in a second step.

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