Quartermaster prototype development update #1

December 11, 2017

Quartermaster is a community building project as much as it is a technical one. The idea to collaboratively build FOSS compliance tooling that is itself free and open source software has raised interest that has almost been overwhelming for us (in a good way). With these development updates, we want to inform our quickly growing community of contributors and partners about what has been achieved so far, and where development is headed next. Most importantly, these updates will present the opportunitities to collaborate with us, and to contribute to and help the project forward. Please consider this an open invitation.

First development preview of the Quartermaster prototype

We just published the current state of the Quartermaster prototype. It showcases the first building blocks of what Quartermaster instrumentation of builds will look like - a master process, running adjacent to the build, collecting meta-information about the software being built, using a REST API to communicate with the build, reporters and integration with external systems.

Code first

The code is work in progress. As we speak, we continue developing it. The next sprint focuses on CI integration, demonstrated using Jenkins. We are organising development in sprints of 2 weeks, and will schedule a community hangout at the end of the sprints that are open to everybody. You are invited to collaborate with us on Quartermaster in all the usual ways - provide feedback, raise issues through Github, or send pull requests our way. It may be too early to look into using Quartermaster in production, but it is never too early to influence where it is going and what functionality it provides.

Roadmap: proof of concept, prototype, version 0.1

During the summer, we developed a proof of concept that demonstrated how builds can be instrumented to gather compliance information. This proof of concept was shown at a couple of conferences and meetups. Based on this experience and the feedback we got, the current prototype was planned. It will be developed in three sprints, and then be used to define the requirements for the first generally usable version of Quartermaster, known as “version 0.1”. Our roadmap looks like this:

  • prototype sprint #1, Nov 22 - Dec 5, 2017: done and published.
  • prototype sprint #2, Dec 6 - Dec 19, 2017: in progress.
  • prototype sprint #3, Dec 20, 2017 - Jan 16, 2018: upcoming (this sprint lasts 4 weeks to account for the end of year holidays).
  • version 0.1 requirements definition workshop: January 17, 2018 (see below for an invitation). At the workshop, we will review that we learned from the development of the prototype, and lay out the plans for what the first version should look like in a collaborative fashion.
  • development sprints towards version 0.1: January 17 - April 10, 2018.

Everyone, get in here!

As you seen from the roadmap, there is plenty of opportunity to contribute to Quartermaster. Besides collaborating directly on the project on Github, here are two exquisite community events to participate in:

  • The sprint #2 demo community hangout will take place Dec 20, 2017 at 16:00 CET.
  • The version 0.1 requirements definition workshop will take place January 17, 2018, from 10am to 5pm, at the Endocode office on Berlin. It is open to all interested parties, however there are only 30 seats available. To request an invitation, please submit a request through the contact form on the Quartermaster web site. Or reach out to us on Twitter, direct messages are open. Or call the Endocode office, or send us a letter in the mail. There is really no reason not to try.

To stay in touch with the project, please consider these options (links to them are on top of the Quartermaster web site:

  • Follow the @fosscompliance Twitter account.
  • To receive regular announcements like sprint reports or invitations to community hangouts, request to be added to the newsletter using the contact form. We promise to keep the volume of announcements low and relevant, and not to use your data for any other purpose.
  • Star Quartermaster on Github to follow development.

The next prototype development update will be sent once sprint #2 is complete.


Title image: Jorge Jaramillo, “David Brill’s Gift Box Lid”, CC BY 2.0 Thanks for sharing!