Build System Integration

QMSTR integrates into the build systems to learn about the software products, their sources and depedencies.

DevOps CI/CD

Quartermaster integrates into DevOps CI/CD cycles and makes FOSS Compliance a quality metric for developers.

Command line toolchain

Developers can run QMSTR locally to verify outcomes, review problems, or integrate it into test suites.

Open Compliance Program

Quartermaster collaborates with the SPDX and OpenChain projects to streamline and complement the Open Compliance Program.

Powerful Integrations

Quartermaster provides APIs and hooks for free and commercial tools to perform analysis and implement metrics.

Free as in Freedom

Critical FOSS Compliance infrastructure needs to be FOSS, and collaboratively developed. That is why Quartermaster is distributed under a strict copyleft FOSS license.

Recent posts

Learn more about Quartermaster and FOSS Compliance tooling.

Quartermaster v0.1 development update #1

on February 13, 2018

We hope you are ready for some fireworks as we kick of the development of the first Quartermaster version that aims for general availability. The goal for this sprint, after we wrapped up prototype development in the previous one, was to establish all the building blocks that will make the Quartermaster toolchain. They are based on the new system architecture developed at the requirements workshop on January 17, and based (but developed from scratch) on the learnings from the prototype. At the end of the sprint, we had a working Quartermaster again, with some fancy graph visualisations.

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Quartermaster prototype development update #3

on January 29, 2018

The third Quartermaster prototype development sprint also marked the end of development of the Quartermaster prototype. Our main goal for the prototype was to work with our partners and collaborators to develop an approach to FOSS compliance automation that delivers correct and complete results in a variety of use cases. The integration of new build systems has been tested, the workflow phases have been refined and abstracted further and limits of the prototype design identified. We wrapped up the sprint with a workshop where the functionality of the prototype was evaluated and the findings applied to a draft architecture of the first production release of Quartermaster.

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Quartermaster prototype development update #2

on December 20, 2017

In the second Quartermaster prototype development sprint, we focused on the connection between Continuous Integration and the build instrumentation performed by Quartermaster. Jenkins serves as the reference build system for the prototype. We wanted to lay the foundation for executing Quartermaster instrumented builds from a CI build queue, and creating a feedback loop to developers by feeding FOSS compliance analysis results back into the build results page. Sprint #2: Initial integration between CI and Quartermaster With the end of this sprint, we published an initial plugin to Jenkins that communicates with the Quartermaster master process running adjacent to the software build process.

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Quartermaster prototype development update #1

on December 11, 2017

Quartermaster is a community building project as much as it is a technical one. The idea to collaboratively build FOSS compliance tooling that is itself free and open source software has raised interest that has almost been overwhelming for us (in a good way). With these development updates, we want to inform our quickly growing community of contributors and partners about what has been achieved so far, and where development is headed next.

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